Slow Coast is back with new album ‘Depths Like These’

Slow Coast, is a comforting musician whose melodies evoke the sun-kissed shores of California. Let’s delve into the creative mind behind Slow Coast’s latest album, ‘Depths Like These’, and unravel the stories woven within its tracks. The album invites us on an introspective voyage. The title itself, borrowed from the lead single “Hypnotized”, hints at the profound exploration of inner turmoil and self-discovery that permeates the album. Through soulful melodies and poignant lyrics, Slow Coast explores the depths of his own psyche, unearthing truths and confronting demons with unwavering honesty.

Talking about the album, the artist shares: “This album started from me trying out a writing challenge to finish one song every week. I didn’t have any expectations and thought I’d only do one week just to say I did it. But then 11 weeks later I was sitting on an entire album’s worth of songs. I realized just by showing up every week, I had a lot more to say than I thought. I started digging up things that needed to see the light of day, and surrounded them with this musical outpouring that unfolded each and every week. It consumed every hour of time I had but I loved every minute of it.”

With 11 different tracks, the album is sure to resonate with everyone as we can all pick a personal favorite.