US songstress Laura Zoog empowers women in new single “Queen”

Rising star Laura Zoog is back with a bang with her highly anticipated second single, “Queen”. Known for her energetic performances and eclectic musical style, Laura Zoog hails from New Jersey and has been immersed in the world of music and art from a young age. From singing in various ensembles to exploring the realms of musical theatre and film acting, Laura brings a unique blend of pop and indie influences to her music, reflecting her diverse taste and experience.

Her new single, “Queen”, is a powerful anthem that aims to shift the narrative and uplift women who have faced mistreatment, especially in relationships. In a society where women are often pitted against each other, Laura emphasizes the importance of female solidarity and celebrates the bonds that unite women.

In her own words, Laura Zoog shares her vision for “Queen”: “I want this song to be a feminine anthem to bring us together. So often women are compared and put against one another, and I think females need to put each other and our bond first.

If each new release from the talented singer is that good, we can’t wait to hear more from her!