Linndsyeah’s new single ‘don’t wanna know why’ inspires healing and resilience

Inspired by her own experiences and fueled by a desire to create authentic and relatable music, Linndsyeah embarked on a creative journey to explore the complexities of relationships and the process of letting go. “don’t wanna know why” is the culmination of this journey, offering listeners a cathartic experience through its poignant lyrics and mesmerizing electronic soundscapes.

The song originated from Linndsyeah’s personal challenge to write and produce one song a day, leading her to discover a raw and honest expression of her emotions. Drawing from past relationships, Linndsyeah delves into the idea that seeking reasons for the end may be futile, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and moving forward. As she says, “You do not need to understand why those people mistreated you.” This message of empowerment resonates throughout the track, encouraging listeners to embrace their own healing journey and find strength in resilience.

Linndsyeah’s creative process behind “don’t wanna know why” exemplifies her commitment to authenticity and artistic growth. Despite facing challenges and setbacks along the way, she remained true to her vision, ultimately finding clarity and purpose in the evolution of the song.