magenta embraces change with new single ‘it’s all beginning’

Toronto-based singer-songwriter magenta has once again captured the essence of raw emotion in her latest single, “it’s all beginning”. As she prepares to unveil her sophomore EP, this song serves as a powerful glimpse into her personal journey of overcoming fear and embracing change.

From a young age, magenta has been using music as a way to express herself. With her debut single, “finding myself”, she offered a vulnerable yet relatable perspective, laying the groundwork for her distinctive musical style. Now, with “it’s all beginning”, magenta delves even deeper into her psyche, exploring the tumultuous emotions of transitioning from high school to university. Like a beacon of hope, “it’s all beginning” illuminates the path ahead, offering solace and reassurance amidst uncertainty.

What sets magenta apart is her unwavering commitment to authenticity. With each lyric, she bares her soul to the world, inviting listeners to join her on this cathartic journey of self-expression. Whether she’s recounting the pain of the past or embracing the promise of the future, magenta’s music resonates with a universal truth that transcends boundaries.

Listen below: