Our discovery of the day: Tiana Lisp’s musical world

As we are entering into a new month, we needed to accompany this transition with the best sound, the kind that will make us forget all the stress of the past weeks. We are glad to introduce you to our best discovery: German songwriter, musician, singer and producer of Belarusian descent Tiana Lisp.

The artist made an amazing impression to our redaction thanks to her release “Deep Blue Eyes”, who offers an airy and melancholic ballad with an incomparable sense of the creativity. The record is unique, exploring soft rock with an art-pop signature but above all a cinematic atmosphere. 

The instruments are astonishing, the arrangement worthy of the greatest, and Tiana Lisp’s vocal performance unworldly, expressive, sincere.  It is like diving into an ocean of feelings, where peace, hope and healing melodies heal our soul. 

“Deep Blue Eyes” unveils a singular universe which gives the singer a very charismatic side. Discover this timeless musical moment :

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