Release alert: Blacklisted MC – “King Of Rock Bottom”

Today we invite you into Blacklisted MC’s musical world. The artist we’ve had the honour to meet has just offered today an additive musical moment titled “King Of Rock Bottom”: the best opus of the season.

The artist known for having recorded with many established artists including DMC, Kurupt, Coolio, Bizarre (D12) and Hed PE among others, explores music in all its glory to create an incomparable musical journey.

From rock to hip-hop, passing by pop melodies, “King Of Rock Bottom” is eclectic, creative and of high quality: a rare combination in the current industry. Blacklisted MC invites us into his lifestyle, his political thoughts as well as his inner turmoils, and he does that with authenticity, force and artistic sincerity.

The multi-talented artist is one of a kind and knows how to stand out from the crowd. We were curious to know more about his journey and had the pleasure to have a little chat with him. 

Discover the intense “King Of Rock Bottom” and read our conversation with him below : 

Welcome to our redaction Blacklisted MC. Can you tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

Blacklisted MC – In my teens and early 20s, I fronted a number of rock bands which was mad fun. But if I’m honest, I was going through a bit of a tough time back then. I had a tendency to go off the rails and with my bipolar, I’m not always the easiest guy to be around, especially in those days. I felt it would be better for myself and my bandmates if I went solo. It worked out great though because it gave me complete creative freedom and I could work at my own pace (and get f*cked up when I chose too). It’s also allowed me to explore lots of different sides of my music taste and go down musical avenues that might not have necessarily worked with those bands. 

What inspires you to write music?

I approach music as a creative outlet. When I’m in certain moods, I get inspired to write. I draw from these emotions and pour them into my music. When it comes to inspiration for my lyrics, I’m inspired by feelings and what I’m seeing around me. Sometimes I even get inspired by movies, if I watch like horror, comedy or even drama, I sometimes get the urge to see how I can explore those themes in music form. 

Do you have a specificcreative process?

It varies. Sometimes I find a beat I love and get inspired and write a song that I think fits and works well with it. Other times, I get a ‘Eureka’ moment, often when I’m trying to sleep, and I jot down some ideas and expand on them the next day. I used to buy a crate of beer and just let my thoughts run wild. I’m on a bit of detox at the moment though so I’m learning to adjust that process slightly. 

How would you describe your latest release?

I collaborated with some legendary rappers on here! It’s a bit of a mad one. I’ve been listening to a lot of country music recently, so there’s a bit of that influence. I thought it would be pretty cool to mix my uniquely British style of rapping with some hip-hop beats that had elements of American country music. There’s a bit of hard rock thrown in there too for good measure. Lyrically it ranges from emotional and brutal honesty to some all-out absolute filth (which is just my inner child finding inappropriately hilarious.) It’s called ‘King of Rock Bottom’ which is how I saw myself at the time. I’m a proud scumbag though so it’s definitely not all doom and gloom, there’s some fun stuff on there and some banging beats that I can’t wait to bring to a live environment. 

What can we expect from you for the future?

I want to hit the stage again! I’ll see what tracks people are feeling most on this and use that to shape my next project. I definitely ain’t going to be changing too drastically though. I’m always going to be Blacklisted.

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