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Thursday and already on vacations! But we are not going to let you down musically speaking and today, we invite you into OR GOLAN’s musical world.

We discovered him with the surprising “I am Greedy”, a track that unveils a haunting electro-psychedelic recipe that get you into an unexpected transe.

OR GOLAN sends us straight to another planet, dive into it and read our conversation with him below:

Welcome! Tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

Hello, I’m Or Golan an international musician (205000 copies sold) from Israel baby. I started making music two years ago because I had a feeling I was going to break into this world, that it is now or never, and here I am now talking here

What inspires you to write music?

All my songs came from God himself, he gave me whole tunes like that, I have never learned music in my life and it Spread your wings.

How is your creative process?

The truth I never know, it comes in a sudden moment and comes out perfect. Thank you so much to God for giving me talent.

Can you describe your latest release?

I am Greedy This is a bomb song, a catchy melody, a minute and a half of sensory madness that just exploded in the world. Thanks to him I performed in Times Square, there are countless plays for this song, radio interviews, TV articles, music parades, magazines, what else?

What do you plan for the future?

We will see what else God will give me and I will do it excellently, I became famous thanks to the fact that God loves me, I hope all my life he will love me

Or Golan in details : 

The real story of why my music career crashed. Warning: some descriptions are difficult to hear.

Or Golan is a 23-year-old Israeli musician and composer. The story begins with one small dream that grows over time. But before that, a little about myself. Or Golan has been stuttering since the age of 3 and is a patient with FMF which is an arthritis that causes pain from prolonged exertion, you can read about it online. Since the very existence of Or Golan, he has always loved creating things from scratch. Or Golan has written four books in Hebrew: The Girl with the Purple Hair, Three Minutes of Fame, Twice an Inverted Coffee and Bird Lake. No one in his life has loved him because he is different. And so everything starts to form from a small point to a huge success story, from an anonymous artist to an artist with a resume of almost 200 melodies known all over the world.

Back to the story: After his military service, from which he also left because he had undergone mental traumas, to this day the need to create something from scratch, from nothing, in space, burns in Or Golan. For a long time he thought about what to do and one fine day the idea came up to create music. Or Golan still did not know how to create music and even to this day he does not know, he does everything from listening to the melodies he had in mind. Music came to him like magic from God and the problem was how to market himself to the big world. He knew that in Israel they would not accept him and his music, Or Golan is a very spiritual person, he feels things before they happen. So Or Golan learned every day all day how to market himself (something he never knew in life) and as a stutterer, it was impossible, but as fate would have it, God decides that now is his time and then it happened. Or Golan was alive – dead, the load fell on him but he did not give up. The melodies flowed like a river, the dam was breached and luck lit up. The date is 09/07/2021 and the first album goes on the world air and from there the genre came, Or Golan knew that the music he was supposed to create was electronic. Another album and another moth album that the month 07 ended his role Or Golan released three full albums: Superstar Baby, Dance of Love and Dahabha Everything went smoothly without stopping, two more full albums came out and Or Golan’s direction for success was clear as the sun shines every morning anew. On the business and marketing side, Or Golan arranged an article for himself in the local newspaper and built a community on his old Instagram for people from all over the world who heard his songs. Light sent to every human being in this world who deals in music that will hear his songs and this thing is built slowly and surely.

Two months have passed and Or Golan was already deep in creating and marketing his music, the decision was made that now everything will be singles, but every day a new song and sometimes two songs a day to take advantage of the momentum he had. So far life has seemed to have all the stars arranged in the right order and Or Golan has released with perfect timing the two singles that will bring him his great success: i am greedy and open minded. The marketing trick in i am greedy was to put all his energy into this song because Or Golan knew he had a winning card, he had a feeling it was his song that would break his name around the world. On the song i am greedy as the next thing by Or Golan. Some of the people already knew Or Golan, but now .that he has the winning card, he can fly to heaven

Warning: for those who are now starting their way in music, listen carefully, this is ( ) where the action begins;

Each song has two rights, one on the melody and the other on the whole song. These rights are worth gold, and Or Golan says gold You will soon hear how much gold it is.

Back to the story: Or Golan revealed that now that he has more than a hundred songs on his resume, it is time to join an association that will protect his rights and give him royalties like everyone else. Or signed with the monopoly ACUM in Israel.

ACUM is like ASCAP and BMI is just simple in Israel. We are in September and the deal was signed with Or Golan on the upper hand and he decides whether to give his rights and how. Time passes, Or Golan has close to 200 songs, a great success, the old songs are doing well and traveling the world thanks to the song i am greedy and an open mind.

Or Golan knows that timing is everything in life, so it’s a good time to get off the gas and let the waves of success continue until he does everything from scratch. Or Golan was much more involved during this period in radio broadcasts on music stations around the world. The song i am greedy was already played on IHEART RADIO during a week on the BRIEN CRAIG show, was played nearly 700 times on the VICTUS RADIO radio station when the peak was 40 times a day, do you hear that ?! 40 times a day! The song WORD from Africa was played on radio stations in Brazil, Ethiopia and London (a total of 12 stations for two months). A Google entry has already been opened on him with his songs and everything went like star powder;

January has arrived and Or Golan knows that the distribution of royalties should arrive in February. Or Golan began to summarize in how many countries his songs were played and there were a total of 37 countries (according to SOUNDROP reports, Or Golan has sold a little over 173,000 copies of his songs in these months. Achieved )amazing for a beginning artist The royalties at ACUM were worth NIS 100,000, which is about close to US $ 40,000 !! Acum are a monopoly in Israel, all the artists, the singers sign with Acum for their rights. In mid-January, the amount of royalties was about NIS 20,000 (a decrease of )about NIS 80,000 in less than two weeks A few days pass and Akum’s site dies of an unknown cause and they manage to return .it after nearly two weeks After this event came at the end of January, the site comes back to life and the amount of royalties is NIS 0. The disaster has already happened, Or Golan is not entitled to receive a single shekel from even his royalties. The mental disasters have just begun .to come, only fate and God know what happened to the money end.

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