Amonte Noble Shares EP ‘River of Madness’

Amonte Noble is back with a new EP titled ‘River of Madness’. But who is the mastermind behind this intriguing persona?
Amonte Noble, formerly known as St.Laurent from Modern Loss, is the brainchild of Alexandre LaChance, a multifaceted artist with a penchant for defying musical conventions. Hailing from Montreal, Amonte Noble’s journey into the world of music began with a desire to express the intricacies of his innermost thoughts and emotions.

Inspired by a myriad of influences ranging from David Bowie to Johnny Cash, Amonte Noble’s musical style is eclectic yet deeply personal. With a sound that defies categorization, his music is a reflection of the human experience, weaving together themes of struggle, irony, and acceptance.

The creation of his latest EP, “River of Madness”, was driven by a desire to reflect on the human experience. Through a blend of introspective lyrics and experimental sounds, Amonte Noble challenges the status quo and embraces the unconventional. Each track represents the artist’s artistic freedom, making this EP a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking something out of the ordinary.

Listen below:

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