Tennin Surprise Track ‘SET UP ‘

TENNIN drops a surprise titled ‘Set Up’. The energetic song unveils a unique recipe between trap rhythms, subtle touches of R’N’B and punk energy. 
The visual theme of ‘Set Up’ has been shot in a Korean Restaurant from Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Written & performed by TENNIN

Beat by LOKUA.S


TENNIN is a French music artist. Her songs and artistic recipe received attention from International tastemakers such as AFROPUNKEARMILK, or CLASH MAGAZINE PLAYLIST. TENNIN’s third single “Heal You” catches the attention of acclaimed, trip-hop pioneer TRICKY who signed it to his label False Idols. “Heal You” will be released in August 2019 on the « Test of Time compilation », a project in association with K7 Music, which featured tracks from Saul Williams, IDLES, and others. 
Additionally, 2019 saw her being one of the finalists of AFROPUNK BOTB and she performed for the final event at Les Etoiles Paris. Early 2020, the French pop artist signed her single « Guys In Tears » to renowned Parisian label KITSUNE MUSIC, which has been broadcast on local French radios. 
Following a series of releases, TENNIN is working on an EP and is currently on Tour with DOPE SAINT JUDEas her backing vocalist and hyper person for her 2021/ 2022 Tour.

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