Kelsie Kimberlin shares a new musical gift: ‘Reflection’

Kelsie Kimberlin’s unique voice and addictive and sensual pop style stoke again. Indeed, she returns with a marvelous track titled ‘Reflection‘ to please our ears.

It’s hard not to fall for her sound, who reminds us that real music and artistic authenticity is not dead. With melodies sung with crystalline vocals, Kelsie Kimberlin revisits pop music with a fresh recipe blessed by intense chords and touches of contagious electronic synthesizers

‘Reflection‘ brings freshness and surprise. Each note will give you strong desires, desires to dance, desires to know her more. The song is honest and showcases her solid abilities for performing, telling stories and interpreting songs. Emotions run high from start to finish.

We invite you to discover, or rediscover the universe of rising super star Kelsie Kimberlin. Listen to ‘Reflection now:

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