“Take Off” will make noise in the international game, you can be sure of that. Producer Gallo Locknez and rapper Buddhakai teamed up on this epic album made for hip-hop lovers. When quality meets creativity, you are sure to listen to something special and that’s what offers “Take Off”. 

Each track gives you a feeling of power and proves that rap music is not dead. The record explore trap, old-school flavors and touches of futuristics hard-hitting sonorities and above all outstanding flows. Let’s be honest, this is extremely rare nowadays and Gallo Locknez and rapper Buddhakai saved the game. 

“Take Off” is full of bangers, enjoy it right now and read our conversation with both of the artists below:

Can you tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

Buddhakai – I’m a rapping car salesman/insurance agent. I started making music when I was 16 years old as a hopeless romantic trying to find a way to express himself. I wrote rap songs for girls in high school. Lol

Gallo Locknez – I am a positive rapper/producer. You may have heard my music on your favorite tv show as my music is featured on many tv shows, commercials and a few movies. I started when I was 15 years old wanting to express myself and have fun doing it!

What inspires you to write music ?

B – Pretty much life. I go through heck of a lot of struggles, we all do, right?? but I really thrive on learning how to cultivate the best possible outcomes from them. Once I experience that, I write about it so I can share it with others.

G – I have endless creative energy. Music is the funnel to get it out! I absolutely love creating and listening to music. Music is life and is reflected through my music.

How would you describe your creative process ?

B – I’ve got an hour-long drive back and forth to work. Sometimes I listen to audiobooks or podcasts, and sometimes, when I feel creative, I put on a beat and start writing. I write most of it all in my head so I’m not writing on paper while I’m driving. That would be dangerous. Wink wink. I usually do all the edits by memory and write it all down when I’m done. Usually… Sometimes, I end up with only a bar or two after an hour’s drive. Other times, I get in the zone and finish the whole song in 30 minutes.

G – I create all the time. I am constantly either producing or writing for others or companies. So all I need is a cup of coffee and some space to pace back and forth. Then the music just flows out.

How would you describe your latest release?

B – Yeah, it’s a banger!!!! Gallo murdered the beats. I pretty much wrote most of these tracks in 30 minutes. Talk about inspired! Gotta give it up to G for that though.

G – The latest release is Take Off with my brother Buddhakai and myself. A motivational album with the intention to inspire the listener. Buddhakai did a phenomenal job creating that motivation in his lyrics. The project was produced entirely by me and the quality is phenomenal due to me and Buddhakai’s manager, JT. This album is pure hip hop with a modern and unique feel. It doesn’t sound like anything else you have heard before but maintains the essence of hip hop and today’s sound.

What can we expect from you in the future?

B – Take care of my family and make music till I die!

G – Keep inspiring through music! More music on the way and more fun for my fans enjoying the journey with me!

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