“Flawda Ish” : the best hip-hop track of spring by Dez Nado feat J Chat

The rest of the week won’t be the same as we have the best track to accompany it. Indeed, our discovery is the definition of HIP-HOP: “Flawda Ish”, delivered by Jacksonville artists Dez Nado and J Chat.

Addictive from start to finish, the banger effortlessly blends a delicious RNB with classic Hip-Hop vibes. The flows are catchy, authentic and creative, and perfectly complete the epic and hard-hitting production

Singer, author, record producer Dez Nado, DJ Choppalot and artist J Chat are a dream team and they managed to release a solid track that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. We told you, “Flawda Ish” is the banger of the season and is worthy of the greatest.

Hit play now and stay tuned because a video clip is set to be released on May 15.

A few words about lead singer Dez Nado:

C.E.O., Television & Music Producer, Artist, Curator, Entrepreneur: all titles that collectively describe singer-songwriter Dez Nado, which is an acronym for The D.efinition of E.ffort and Z.eal iN A.mbition and D.edication to O.pportunity. Florida’s own Dez Nado is truly raising the bar(s) in hip hop.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Dez Nado was introduced to music at very young age in the late 1990s with his siblings who all got together one day to form a hip hop group of pre-teens and teen-aged amateur rappers.

He saw his first successes after high school as an independent artist; generating a fan base by plugging his own projects at local shops and hot spots, working part-time and attending school full-time splitting his earnings between books for class and studio time, as well as booking, promoting, and organizing his own shows by the age of 19 as a college freshman.

His music videos, TV series, major brand media partnerships, consistent music releases and hundreds of thousands of plays/views/downloads accompaying all have become indicators of Dez Nado’s versatility, one-of-a-kind work ethic, and growing popularity.

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