Q&A with The Gloomies

– The band name “The Gloomies” carries a certain intrigue and atmosphere. Can you share the story behind how you chose this name and how it represents the essence of your music and artistic vision?

When the band was forming, we tossed around a lot of ideas for names and what drew us to ‘The Gloomies’ was its aesthetic appeal. Having just returned from New York City to Southern California, the name captured the mood of those overcast days you see most mornings by the coast.

– Your music has been described as a blend of fuzzy surf punk with infectious melodies. How do you maintain this balance between grit and catchiness in your sound?

ha, I wish I knew. I never know what I’m gonna get.

– Your latest track “Cave” is described as a journey through dirty loops and layered guitar samples. What inspired the experimental direction of this track? And overall, what is the song about?

I’ve always listened to hip hop and been intrigued by the use of samples and loops. It has taken time to figure out exactly how I wanted to execute that within the confines of this band, but feels like it finally came together for this album. While many of the songs on the album have a deeper meaning, the idea and lyrical content of “Cave” came from a stream-of- consciousness.

– The upcoming album ‘Slime and the Stems’ seems to explore new territories for you. What inspired this shift in sound and what fans can expect from it?

‘Cave’ was a turning point—it shaped the entire direction of the record. I scrapped an earlier version of the album once ‘Cave’ showed me where I wanted to go. Fans can expect familiar melodies but with more experimentation musically on the upcoming album ‘Slime and the Stems’.

– As you gear up for the release of ‘Slime and the Stems’ and your upcoming tour in 2024, what are you most excited about, and what can fans expect from The Gloomies in the coming year?

I’m excited to perform these songs with the new band. We’ve been working out the live set and are really happy with how it is sounding. I wanted to go a different direction from what we had done the last couple of years, It is Just myself and my friend on Saxophone, mixed with a bunch of live samples and fuzzy guitar loops. Fans can anticipate a lot more music and shows in 2024. We are looking forward to it. Hope you are too.