Ojay shares Christmas vibes with “December Snow”

Ojay, the Australian rock band with a knack for eclectic sounds, has recently unveiled their latest single, “December Snow”, surprising fans with a four-minute pop ballad that adds a waltz spin to their signature style. The song explores the theme of long-distance love across different climates during the holiday season.

Ojay burst onto the scene in 2018, injecting a much-needed dose of high energy and carefree attitude into the lives of the bored youth of suburban Western Australia. The four-piece upbeat pop-rock outfit quickly became synonymous with wild and intoxicating live performances, captivating audiences up and down the western seaboard. Their unique sound fused the high-energy rock and punk vibes of the ’80s and ’90s with the catchy hooks and sing-along melodies found on the current pop charts. For a delightful twist, they occasionally threw in a piano ballad or an acoustic treat to showcase their versatile musical range.

Before embarking on a three-year hiatus, Ojay made a significant impact, especially with their DIY debut album, aptly titled “Peppermoth“. The hiatus, spanning from 2020 to 2023, was not merely a pause but a period of transformation for the band. During this time, Ojay underwent a lineup change and welcomed new members, Skills and Marshy. The result of this metamorphosis was the highly anticipated sophomore album, “The Ride“, a conceptual masterpiece that spanned an entire hour. The year 2023 marked Ojay’s triumphant return and as 2024 unfolds, the band stands at the precipice of a promising year.

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