Italian prodigy Andrea Carax is back with “MAY B U” featuring Denali Nova

From the quaint province of San Giovanni in Fiore, Calabria, Italy, emerges Andrea Carax, a musical prodigy breaking through barriers and reshaping the global music landscape. Growing up in a region where dreams are often deemed impractical, Andrea defied the norm and pursued music as more than just a hobby. Despite the challenges, he embraced the power of online collaboration, leveraging technology even before the smartwork era. This determination led him to become a prominent figure in the international music scene, challenging the notion that success is limited to geographical boundaries.

Andrea Carax has not only collaborated with Grammy Award-winning artists but has also worked with industry heavyweights and achieved noteworthy milestones. From charting on the Billboard charts to submitting music to industry moguls behind Rihanna and Katy Perry’s careers, Andrea has experienced a series of standout moments that have solidified his position as a rising star in the music industry. Andrea’s latest track, “MAY B U”, shows his ability to adapt and innovate. Collaborating with Denali Nova, the duo transformed the initially jazzy beat into an Afrobeat sensation, blending cultural influences seamlessly. The track’s unexpected viral success is a great example of Andrea’s intuitive understanding of musical trends and audience preferences.This outstanding career led to the birth of Panic Attack Music. Instead of succumbing to the challenges of signing a music deal, Andrea founded his own label and publishing company. For sure the artist and label have a long career ahead of them!

Listen below: 

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