Mindless Crowd unveils “Star Chaser” ahead of new album release

Mindless Crowd’s story began with Alexandre and Julien, two guitarists who founded the group in 2012 during their student years. Their friendship and shared passion for music led to the formation of the band, eventually joined by Gaël on bass and Lucas on drums. Over the years, they experimented with various band names and began by performing cover songs and their early compositions. In 2016, the group officially became what it is now, marking a significant chapter in their musical journey.

However, it wasn’t until 2021 that the band decided to immerse themselves fully in their music, taking the project more seriously and recording their compositions in a studio setting. The fruits of their labor started to appear in October 2022 when they released their first single, featuring the tracks “Gambling Life” and “Good Days”. March 2023 saw the release of their debut EP, “A Drop of Morality”, and, most recently, in October 2023, the release of “Star Chaser”.

“Star Chaser” signifies a rebirth for the band, introducing new approaches to vocals and instrument effects while maintaining the Mindless Crowd signature sound. It’s a reminder that everyone, including the band members, faces periods of doubt, fears, and failures. The band invites listeners to pursue their personal goals, find the strength to achieve what may seem impossible and recognize the infinite possibilities in the world. This single also opens the doors to their forthcoming album, set to explore fresh horizons compared to their previous EP, “A Drop of Morality”.

As they invite you to join them on this musical journey with “Star Chaser,” Mindless Crowd’s story is one of growth, self-discovery, and a boundless passion for making meaningful music. So, let the enchanting sounds of “Star Chaser” be your guide to exploring your own limitless possibilities.