Best of the saison: La Biche’s ‘Combien

”Hailing from France, the alternative pop artist La Biche emerges as a captivating force in the music scene, and her latest single, “Combien,” serves as an ethereal introduction to her mystical sound. This mythical ballad is a reinvention of pop music, where La Biche weaves an enchanting narrative with an otherworldly production, featuring intense beats and an intriguing soundscape.

In “Combien,” La Biche’s pure voice, sweet and innocent, takes center stage, singing in French about a story that unravels with a sense of inevitability. The lyrics hint at a tale that didn’t find its happy ending, transforming heartbreak into poetry. The emotions embedded in her interpretation suggest a departure marked by fear and pain.

Beyond the melancholy, there’s a poetic grace in La Biche’s delivery that elevates the song to an emotional crescendo. The artist has announced an upcoming album, promising new secrets and mysteries for her audience to unravel. La Biche emerges not only as a singer but as a storyteller, inviting listeners into a realm where each note carries the weight of unspoken narratives. The anticipation for her forthcoming album grows, promising a deeper immersion into La Biche’s world of sonic enchantment.