“Let’s Have A Rockin Christmas Vol.7” by Various Artists : the opus we all needed to end the year right

First day of December! The festive season is upon us but in complex times. In this unsure context, the world needs more than ever a bit of hope and joy. “Let’s Have A Rockin Christmas Vol.7”, an album featuring award-winning recording artists from around the world.

The opus’ mission is simple: embarking the audience on a peaceful musical journey, full of light and diversity. From start to finish, this musical Christmas gift delivers authentic and original recipes between pop, rock, and the classic sound that rocks our souls.

The infectious melodies, warm and familiar, the production and the artists’ synergy and generous vocal performances: “Let’s Have A Rockin Christmas Vol.7” offers a sound that will unite people.
This instantly gives us comforting and joyful feelings, press play:

Bongo Records

1. It’s Christmas Time – Boys’N’Barry 4:05 
2. Never Too Much Christmas – The NEW Bardots 2:49 
3. Christmas In The Air – Mark Winter 3:51 
4. Every Christmas Side by Side – Courtland Thomas 3:46 
5. Mr. Santa – Annemarie Picerno 3:32 
6. Palaces – Gar Francis 6:15 
7. I’m Glad It Is Christmas Time Again – Wayne Olivieri 3:30 
8. Christmas Time In The Carolina County – David Scott Kocher 2:56 
9. I Love Christmas Time (The Glorious in Excelsior Electronica DJ Chrislbe Remix) – Wayne Olivieri 4:00 
10. It’s Christmas Time Again – STUDEO 3:52 
11. Let’s Have a Rockin Christmas feat. Myke Scavone – Jackie Kringles & The Elves 2:37

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