A splendid journey through Javier Rodriguez’ music

He is one of a kind and with gold fingers, among the list of the best musicians: let us introduce you to the incredible pianist  Javier Rodriguez.

The Spanish pianist who studied with legendary pianist Rafael Orozco has recently released his breathtaking alum “Un Jour Viendra”, written and recorded as a direct soundtrack for the film ‘Un Jour Viendra’, by multi-award-winning director Nicolas Cazalé.

From “A travers de la fenetre” to “Un Jour viendra”, The opus delivers a poetic and timeless musical world, inviting the audience into a roller coaster of emotions from sadness to doubts and hope. 

With his classical technique, blended with a modern twist, Javier Rodriguez crafts real musical experiences to release our hearts from traumas and pain. This is the definition of art, a celebration of music in all its glory.

“Un Jour Viendra” is available on Bandcamp HERE and will also be out on all music Platforms on December, 20th.

Some more facts about  Javier Rodriguez

He spent several years as a composer for both ballet and cinema, while also becoming a highly sought after educator. 

In 2014, he was appointed Music Director of The World Ballet, and went on to become nominated for two Tony Awards and a Spirit Independent Cinema Award.

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