Introducing the Artsted Observatory

Artsted Observatory

The show created in collaboration with VOLTA in June 2022 showcased works by artists from different backgrounds who find a common interpretation in the digital universe.

Artsted Observatory will exhibit the works of the artists of the platform’s roster with a spotlight on the 4 categories of creative mediums that found their home in the non-fungible tokens technology: Xiaoling Jin – representing digitally native work, Tommy Kwak (photography), Marco Calzolari (video and performance art) and Francesco Vullo (sculpture).

Despite its inherent commitment to the latest NFT pivot, Artsted continues to support creators working with traditional mediums and establishes its newfound mission as building a bridge that connects the digital and the analogue, bringing the industries together and creating unprecedented market opportunity. is the contemporary and digital art marketplace platform that connects a new generation of collectors and emerging artists. 

Founded by Maryna Rybakova in 2020 Artsted is composed of a young, international, all-female team with a background in contemporary art and tech entrepreneurship that promotes an innovative user-focused approach.  

Relying on an innovative patented algorithm, Artsted strives to end information asymmetries in the art market and attract the attention of a new generation of collectors interested in affordable investment opportunities who seek to build collections in a forward-looking manner with respect to future changes.

The multichain adopted by Artsted, in partnership with Polygon (MATIC), will enable the undermining of NFTs authenticated by a digital signature produced by Artsted to ensure the authenticity and legitimate provenance of works; bringing a curatorial approach and focus on artists into the metaverse, facilitating artists and collectors in the transition from a predominantly physical system to a hybrid one. 

The Artsted team believes in the technological and digital revolution brought about by innovations such as NFTs that will profoundly change the dynamics of the traditional art world.

Artsted’s mission

Artsted’s mission is to nurture the careers of emerging creators, enabling them to operate as self-reviewers in making their way in the global art market, and to help a new generation of art collectors use cutting-edge tools that show transparent price analysis and market insights into the work of new artists. Artsted’s focus on emerging artists stems from the founders’ deep conviction that a market turnaround can only occur in a bottom-up movement in which a unified standard of self-monitoring is set for all artists embarking on a professional career. 

Collaboration with VOLTA

VOLTA Art Fair is an organization that promotes galleries by bringing the focus to the essential core of the artists’ work by offering both group and solo exhibitions.

The collaboration with VOLTA, which began with the Artsted Spotlight Prize in New York in May 2022, continues with an even more ambitious project that continues to include the NFT space. The attention to detail and the relaxed and refined environment like that of VOLTA is certainly one of the main reasons that led Artsted to commit to collaborating with this organization that continues to work in favor of emerging artists and galleries.

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