Epic : ‘Red Land’ by Maria Rago

Today the-further invites you into an epic and poetic musical moment. A few minutes that you will never forget and titled ‘Red Land’, composed by the extraordinary Maria Rago

The Chicago-based artist, also a pianist, is renowned in the classic International scene thanks to her breathtaking work. ‘Red Land’ proves that she has a well-deserved place among the best composers of 2022 and above.

The track brings the audience into an intense musical moment, a roller coaster of feelings. We are not going to lie, in a world of electronic and tasteless music, ‘Red is rare and enjoyable from start to finish. 

The guitars are intense, the orchestration cinematic, and this work of art plays with our emotions and imagination.

More than music, Maria Rago knows how to craft real musical experiences. This is the definition of art, a celebration of music in all its glory. 

Dive into the experience right now and be ready to feel alive :

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