Discovering Ex Okay

Ex Okay is our musical revelation today. The band enters our list of the best 2022 acts thanks to their surprising discography. 

Ex Okay’s music is surprising from start to finish, blending rock music with touches of metal, but also downtempo acoustic sonorities. The band celebrates music in all its glory and does it with passion and creativity, enthusiasm and electrifying energies. 

They have announced a series of releases for 2022, including an acoustic album and soon to follow after the R.E.D Album.
Listen to Ex-Okay and read our conversation with them below:

Who is Ex Okay and how you started to make music together?

Ex Okay is from salt lake city utah hard rock/alternative rock band.

What inspires you to write music?

The tracking process, the hard work that goes into each track, endless hours of hearing the same sound or sounds, the soul of the music.

What is your creative process?

We have several different methods to this. But we usually start with scratch tracks, then we build around the key of the song, then we track drums in N.R.G Studios, then we track guitars, bass, and write out orchestra, vocals then final mix and then mastering.

Can you describe your latest release?

I can’t describe it, you will just have to hear it for yourself.

What do you plan for the future?

The future is never guaranteed. I just know we will be releasing something into this world.

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