cool girl island invites us to dive into “ocean potion”

cool girl island beckons us to her shores with her latest release, “ocean potion”. Her music is a melting pot of cultural influences and musical genres, resulting in a fusion that feels genuine and unforced. With its mesmerizing UK garage vibe, her new track “ocean potion” is a refreshing sound that serves as a commitment to authentic expression.

The singer takes us on a journey through youthful romance and the rush of rediscovering love. Or as she puts it, “The title ‘Ocean Potion’ was inspired by the idea of putting a love letter in a bottle,” she shares. “It is about the head rush we experience in the beginning of a relationship, which is so fleeting. I want this song to be a Time Capsule for my youth.”

Ultimately, her new single is a journey down the nostalgia lane and a reminder to embrace life’s twists and turns.

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