‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’: the new project by SC4Real

Remember SC4Real? You could not miss him as he is part of our list of the best artists. The rapper who has been productive over the years continues to make an amazing impression on his fans and our redaction.

His latest project is a true gift for early 2022 and another proof that he is ready to become global. It’s titled ‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’, a generous opus unveiling haunting productions with touches of soul, an incomparable flow, and a charismatic artistic personality.

We had the chance to talk with him about this record and SC4Real’s creative process. Dive into ‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’ and Rendez-vous below!

Welcome back! We are thrilled to have you today. ‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’ is the perfect project to celebrate 2022. What was your inspiration for it?

For this project, I was really inspired by the past and how much fun I missed having hanging out and that was taken away due to the pandemic.

Can you tell us more about the creative process behind its creation?

The creative process for putting together a project varies, but for this album, I did a lot less of making beats meaning I just went through my catalogue and selected what felt good to me at the time. The only beat that was made from scratch is Sun Up and it was the last song recorded.

How would you describe this opus?

Vol.1 is a night out with me. I want the listeners to feel the energy and excitement of being with your crew or if you’re solo. It’s about having confidence and embracing the moment that you’re in, good or bad.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I plan to drop another video off the album and keep the ball rolling and finish Vol.2!

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