Vale! ULB Drops Salsa Version of Their Hit “Sube El Nivel”

Vale! ULB is set to conquer the music scene once again with their latest release, the exciting salsa version of their hit “Sube El Nivel”, produced by multiple Grammy award winner Juan Mario Aracil “Mayito” and Darius “Deezle” Harrison.

From the outset, Vale! ULB has been known for their ability to craft catchy melodies and lyrics that resonate with audiences. They have worked tirelessly to perfect their sound, thus gaining a solid fan base thanks to their infectious music and electrifying live performances. “Sube El Nivel”, the salsa version, marks a true turning point in their career. The song is an exciting fusion of tropical rhythms that invites listeners to dance and enjoy life. The lyrics of “Sube El Nivel” reflect the joy and passion that Vale! ULB injects into their music, with a catchy chorus that invites everyone to join the party. The song becomes an anthem to fun and the celebration of life.

With the release of this salsa version, Vale! ULB demonstrates that they are ready to conquer the music world. Their energy, talent, and creativity continue to drive their success, and their music continues to resonate in the hearts of those who listen.
Vale! ULB Members:

Valeria “Val” Vargas: A charismatic lead vocalist whose captivating voice is the heart and soul of Vale! ULB’s songs. As a singer and songwriter, she has worked with internationally renowned artists.

Darius “Deezle” Harrison: The group’s producer and bassist, he has won multiple Grammys and collaborated with renowned artists.

Emiliano Torres: The musical director and multi-instrumentalist, winner of two Grammy awards and with extensive experience in the music industry.

Anier Alonso: A founding member and percussionist, whose infectious rhythm adds a unique dimension to Vale! ULB’s music.

Albert “Friki” Torres: A talented guitarist, whose chords and solos perfectly complement the group’s tropical sound.
Listen below: