UK Indie-Rock Band The Avenues Returns With “Another Movie”

The four-piece indie-rock band, The Avenues, comprising Tom Foston, Ollie Brown, Joe Galloway, and Kurt Jackson, has been captivating their fans since their debut in late 2018. Their journey includes sold-out shows in their hometown and sharing stages with acclaimed acts, all the while releasing new music.

Their music, a fusion of indie-rock melodies, paints an emotional landscape that is both frantic and warm. “Another Movie”, their latest track, draws inspiration from moments of solace in the midst of life’s chaos, reflecting the trials and tribulations of being in your twenties.

The band’s creative process is a collaborative effort, with Tom’s songwriting at the core. He took inspiration from the escapism found in lazy days spent with friends as a means to temporarily escape the relentless anxieties of everyday life.

The band, together with producer Mickey Dale, worked diligently tocreate the track’s defining riffs. Mickey Dale, the recording engineer, was responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering, ensuring the track reaches its full potential.