Thecultgateway present: TWOFEW

We needed to continue this month on the right note, and we have found what will keep us alive during these weird times.

Our band of the day, TWOFE, gave us hope in the music again and their music will have the same impact on you.

TWOFEW is a five-piece band coming from Arizona with a focus on capturing the melodic essence of indie and rock music and creating eclectic poetic lyrics. Their sound is captivating and stands out from other bands, especially thanks to a unique artistic approach.

The rich and emotional-driven instrumentations are worthy of the greatest, and the vocal lines are full of grace and addictive melodies.

Their singles like  “Fighting For”, “Lips Blue” or “Gone” to only name a few, open the gate of a splendid musical journey with high replay value.

Find out more about TWOFEW, and do not miss out on more music from the band!

Listen to TWOFEW at:

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