The Narrative is back with a new single + EP

Prepare for lift-off as we delve into “Higher”, the latest single and final track on The Narrative’s EP, “New Anxieties”. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, this indie/alt/pop duo is ready to take us on a journey with their dreamy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and nostalgic soundscapes. As soon as the first notes hit, you know you’re in for something special. “Higher” immediately captivates listeners with its indie-pop vibes, Suzie Zeldin’s vocals and Jesse Gabriel’s instrumentation. “Higher” represents a turning point in The Narrative’s evolution as musicians and individuals. Inspired by the joys and challenges of parenthood, Suzie and Jesse invite us into their world as they navigate the transition, bidding farewell to their former selves and finding fulfillment in parenthood. So this EP as a whole is about new beginnings and the anxieties that come with it. It’s an exploration of the duo’s life.

Starting their musical endeavors in Suzie’s New York apartment and navigating their way to acclaim and national tours through Craigslist connections, their debut EP “Just Say Yes” showcased their talent for making emotionally resonant music. They have gone a long way since their debut EP was released in 2008 and their 2024 EP ‘New Anxieties’ is a new milestone.

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