SOUTHDOGROCK – “Der Alter Mann”: a new single in the Shanty tradition

While the Christmas season is in full swing, the German group SOUTHDOGROCK invites us into a moment of authentic music with “Der Alte Mann” (“The Old Man”).

We were tired of the same musical recipes, those made with machines, and no sincerity, SOUTHDOGROCK invites us into an acoustic sound moment, built in the folk tradition. The melodies are cheerful, despite the ironical lyrics about death, as it speaks about death is constantly watching us, an date desire to enjoy every minutes of life.

Produced in Frank Schultz’s music recording studio in Neuenburg, like each of SOUTHDOGROCK’s songs, the brilliant arrangements give the piece that cinematic color, and the realization of the voices offered by the choirs takes us into an ocean of feelings.

We only want to listen to “Der Alte Mann” during a live session, taking full advantage of the band’s sound energy.

You will feel more alive than ever:

“Der Alte Mann” was awarded in 5 special categories 2022: Best Song of the Year 2022 (German), Best Alternative Song, Best Folk Rock Band, Best Folk Rock Song, Best Schlager Song.

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