Signature Gold Unveils Their Newest Release “Antibodies”

Brighton-based trio Signature Gold is back with a bang with the release of their new single “Antibodies”. Under the name Signature Gold we find Milo Hill (guitar and vocals), Nathan Haynes (bass), and Jordan Hambling (drums). The band’s journey to prominence has seen them featured on BBC Introducing, consecutive appearances at the prestigious Great Escape festival in 2022 and 2023, and opening for alt-rock heavyweights Yonaka.

Now, with the release of “Antibodies”, Signature Gold invites listeners into an introspective journey about the true nature behind relationships. The track, born out of Milo’s experiences, explores the complexities of modern relationships and the societal pressures surrounding love and commitment. It’s a poignant reminder that true love should never be convenient or disposable—it’s a journey to be embraced, with all its ups and downs.The shift in sound and lyrical focus in “Antibodies” marks a significant departure from Signature Gold’s previous works – one more proof of the trio’s talent.

Listen below:

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