Shirena Parker shares the spectacular “Blind”

August is starting on the perfect note thanks to our best discovery of the week. Emerging artist Shirena Parker indeed caught our heart thanks to her latest offering: “Blind”.

Born in Mosul during the dark Hussein’s times, the singer who took her courage and decided to immigrate to the US has a unique and incomparable artistic universe, as well as a deep and passionate story to tell.

With their spectacular new single “Blind”, she unveils a powerful and emotional-driven alternative RnB banger, with hints of hip-hop sounds.

What we admire about her, is that she is not only an artist. She also brings certain society subjects under the light, she gives a new voice to immigrants and refugees around the globe, and her creativity will resonate with the world. This is what we call a STAR. 

Stream “Blind” right now:

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