Q&A with rising artist Marlhy

– Hey Marlhy! What made you want to start a music career after your debut as an actress?

I loved acting, but music has always been a part of my life and I’ve always felt more drawn to it. The second I started learning to drum, I knew that was my passion for sure. Both paths are super creative, but I felt like I was able to express myself more as a musician and have more control over my career. 

– Can you share with us any memorable moments while filming a show and one while recording music?
When I was 12, I was filming a pilot for Amazon for a really cool project where I got to play a drummer. There was a scene where my character was trying to make a band, and played a drum solo in front of a bunch of people to convince them to join, and I was told by production that I could play whatever as long as it looked big and cool, and they would overdub a drum solo. After I played the solo I prepared, they kept the sound on my solo and used it instead of putting other drums over my performance. I was so proud of that moment and it was one of the main signs for me that I’m meant to be a musician. 

– Your latest single “Young And Naive” challenges stereotypes about today’s youth. What motivated you to tackle this theme in your music?

I’m very much a control freak to my own detriment. Going into my 20s, I was freaking out because I felt like I needed to have everything planned out and that all decisions I make now

completely alter the course of the rest of my life (obviously a little much). I’ve always taken my career and any decision seriously, and then I read somewhere that our brains don’t fully develop until we’re 25. What? I’ve been approaching every decision in my life and career like it’s the most monumental choice, but I don’t even have a full brain yet? What do I do with that information? I found it all kinda funny because I just started hearing voices that said “Well, you’re not even 25 yet with a full brain so what do you really know?” I realized I had been so career-focused (because I love it so much) and I wondered what it would be like just to embrace being young and pretending to be oblivious to the world around me. I was talking to Michael Kamerman, one of my favorite people to write with, about this and we decided to write a song about it!

– You’ve collaborated with a variety of artists, including Kellin Quinn, Duke & Jones, NGHTMRE, and Virtual Riot. How do these collaborations influence your creative process, and what do you look for in a collaborative partner?

I LOVE collaborating with other artists. I think writing and creating alone is important to know what your genuine voice is as a creative, but collaborating is such a great way to learn from others and get new ideas and perspectives that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. Every collaboration has been so exciting for me because it’s a learning experience too. In terms of what I look for, genuinely anyone who’s excited to create and has new ideas or experience in genres and styles that I’m not as used to. I really like blending different personalities and styles to see what can be made out of it, but most of all, everyone needs to be open and not too strict on only following what they know or are comfortable with.

– In what way(s) has your experience interacting with fans on Twitch streams influenced your music and your approach to engaging with your audience?

Interacting with fans has really helped me connect and know more about the people listening to my music. Releasing music can feel really disconnected when you just see numbers on Spotify, but getting to talk with the people who have contributed to those numbers is so rewarding. I’m a lot more excited to release songs because I get to talk to the listeners about them first before they come out, and we’ll all watch the music video together when it’s finally out. It feels so much more like a community. The music industry is so tough and it can feel like you’re not good enough or it’s not going anywhere. When I’m doubting myself and my music, they’re the main reason that keeps me going, which sounds SUPER cheesy but it’s true! Creating music that resonates with people is an incredible feeling, and really drives me to be honest and vulnerable as a songwriter. 

– What the rest of 2024 has in store for you?

I’m working on finally doing an album which I’m super excited about, and I’m excited to do more live shows! “Young And Naive” is the first part of a story I wanna tell in an album about looking introspectively and how I’ve grown over the last few years. The next song is called “Debbie Downer” and comes out April 19th!

Listen to “Young and Naive”: