Phoebe Coco’s Musical Odyssey: ‘I Am Not A Machine’ EP

London-based artist Phoebe Coco is no stranger to captivating audiences with her enchanting melodies and ethereal music. With the release of her highly anticipated EP, “I Am Not A Machine,” Phoebe Coco invites us on a musical odyssey that blurs the boundaries between the natural and urban worlds.

As a committed community and ecological activist, Phoebe Coco uses her music to bring attention to environmental themes. “I Am Not A Machine” encourages listeners to slow down and reflect and her dedication to preserving the natural world is a central theme in this EP.

Overall, Phoebe Coco’s journey as a musician and artist is one of boundless creativity and a deep connection to the natural world so her new EP is no exception. With a Creative Practice Masters at Goldsmiths University, her artistic endeavors extend beyond music, encompassing film, theatre, and dance. Phoebe Coco is a true artist with a multifaceted talent that continues to captivate audiences.

The lead single, “Machine”, takes us on a sonic journey that skillfully blurs the boundaries between genres and art forms. Originating during her time at art school, the vocals were recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, adding a touch of magic to this track. Phoebe Coco surrounded herself with exceptional talent, including three-time Grammy winner Eduardo De La Paz as co-producer and Kevin Tuffy, a recent Mastering Engineer of the Year award winner, for mastering. “Machine” represents the perfect introduction to the enchanting world of Phoebe Coco’s music.

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