Out now: “Why chapter one” by TaniA Kyllikki

You know how are Fridays are crucial for our redaction, this day is so busy in terms of music releases that we focus on discovering only the best. And today, the best project of this end of the week is “Why chapter one” by singer songwriter TaniA Kyllikki. 

Magic, surprising, out of this earth: this is how we would describe the 9-track album. Rocked by emotional-driven pop ballads, the opus is full of love, grace and memorable vocal performance. Indeed, TaniA Kyllikki’s voice is phenomenal, versatile and taking us in a roller coaster of feelings. 

We admire the creativity, the interpretation, and the quality of each tracks: Why chapter one” is a true A+ piece. Everything is done for you to escape from your daily life, to enjoy amazing minutes of real and authentic music. It will keep you dreaming, hit play:

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