Our interview with Kayo Bracey for his upcoming release “Opps” out on Friday, April 1

KAYO BRACEY has announced a new release for April 1, it promises to be epic! 

Our redaction had the chance to discover it in exclusivity and the rapper made an amazing impression on our redaction. We just can’t wait for our readers to discover the banger that is “Opps”. 

We had a conversation with Kayo Bracey who tells us more about his career and his upcoming release. 

Rendez-vous below to discover our interview with him, and pre-save “Opps” now HERE !

Kayo Bracey in 5 questions :

Welcome to our redaction. Can you tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

Ok, so funny story. It all started back in elementary school. My friends and I had to perform in a school musical, and we made our own version of “The Jackson 5”. I was the 6th member of the group, so they nicknamed me “Po Jackson”. I wasn’t particularly good at anything, but they let me in because we were all cool. They would do the singing, and I would mix in a little rap that had some comedy in it. I loved being on the stage and making people smile. I just kinda stuck with it.

What inspires you to write music?

I get inspired by the most random things. Travelling, food, shopping, smells, anything. Having new experiences help you create new art. Last year, I went to stand up from my couch and grunted super loud. Like full on Old-Head grunting. I ended up writing a song about it. There’s a little inspiration in everything if you look closely enough.

What is your creative process?

90% of the time when I’m in my car driving, I’m listening to beats. I’ll usually just see if I can freestyle to a beat and come up with a concept. If I can, I’ll dive deeper into it when I get to my studio. If not, I go to something else. I also try to make sure that I record songs while I’m still in the same mood I was in when I wrote it. Did that make sense? Like, If I’m sad, I’ll record the song while I’m still sad. I feel like people can feel the raw emotion in music. It makes it more authentic.

Your single “Opps” is set to e released on April 1. Can you describe the song for our readers?

“Opps” is what I would describe as Trap Gospel. Here’s the concept of the song: Opps are considered enemies right? So I wrote this song from the standpoint that anything that is evil or tries to stop you from reaching your goals is an Opp. I know that sounds super corny… Thank God it’s over a dope beat. Segue! Shoutout to the producer of this record. She goes by “BeatsLikeAGirl”. We actually go to church together.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I have so much in the works! Like a ton! I’m currently working on two projects and have another single in the works. One project will be called “Lucy Pack” and the other will be named “Regular People Stuff: Volume 2”. Regular People Stuff is a collection of songs that will focus on normal tasks that many of us do on a daily basis (household chores, being stuck in traffic… your kids getting on your nerves, you know, regular stuff!), while “Lucy Pack” will be a project focused on dissing Satan. I’m smoking on this Lucy Pack! I hope that people hear my music and get two things from it: 1) If they don’t have a relationship with God, I hope that my music at least makes them consider giving him a try, and 2) Being saved is fun. Some people may look at this Christian walk as just a bunch of rules. I cannot tell you all how much fun I truly have on a daily basis. Even when I have bad days, they are still GREAT days. Why? Because I’m still alive to have them. Ok, let me get back on topic here. I also plan on dropping some more visuals, doing a few more acting gigs and I’m studying for my Real Estate License. When do I sleep? I don’t know, but I’m enjoying the ride!


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