Our conversation with multi-faced artist Lou Anthony

Our redaction is glad to introduce you to our special guest today Lou Anthony, a rising star and multi-faced artist coming straight from Philadelphia. We discovered him thanks to his addictive “Outside”, a track that offers a new hip-hop vision, where quality meets with creativity,
Lou Anthony’s flow is flawless, appealing with its bouncy touch, and perfectly completes the uplifting production infused with hard-hitting beats.
Check it out right now, and Rendez-Vous below to discover our interview with the artist, producer, actor, and entrepreneur Lou Anthony:

Welcome to our redaction, can you tell us how you started to make music?

Self-expression was always important to me, whether I was expressing myself or listening and watching others express themselves it was always something special. Even as a child I knew my gifts and my worth but being quiet and shy came with a lot of misunderstanding. People don’t get you, and because of that they put you in certain boxes — a dork, a weirdo, a loser, or whatever it is they call you. It was art that became my vessel to express myself. It started with drawing and eventually it evolved its way into music. It was an everlasting mission to express my worth to a world that always saw me as too small. 

What inspires you to write and create?

I write music based on what I’m feeling at that moment in time. It starts with knowing what I want to say, or knowing that I HAVE to say something about something; whatever it is that’s prompting my thoughts or emotions then. Some days I get out of bed singing melodies and choruses that I immediately have to write down, other days I’m drilling as deep in my mind as I can to find the right words.

Do you have a specific creative process?

My creative process, first and foremost, usually involves being in a space that inspires freedom of thought and peace of mind. In order to create something powerful, you must first clear your mind of anything halting. After that, a few Backwoods Honey five-packs with like an ounce of plants, and some beats playing through the speakers would get the mood set for me. 

How would you describe your latest release “Outside”?

“Outside,” to me, is the perfect summertime, drop-top, highway-cruising anthem for everybody. It crosses so many genres that I believe anyone, from any walk of life, could enjoy its presentation. It was highly inspired by my actual life and, I won’t lie, by a little crush I had on a certain woman of Hollywood. The song is a collab between myself and internet producer DXOR, who’s incredible.

What can we expect from you in the future?

The only thing promised about tomorrow is yesterday. So as long as I work hard today, make timeless music and impact today, my future will forever exist. People like 2Pac, who’s my favorite artist ever, Luther Vandross, John Lennon, their music will outlive them by centuries until the end of time. So to answer your question, my future holds more greatness than I could ever even imagine.


Some facts about Lou Anthony : he is the chairman & CEO of The Ludlow entertainment franchise — The Ludlow Sounds, The Ludlow Authorships, and (in-the-works) The Ludlow Films. Follow the news on Instagram HERE.

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