Mona’s Resilience Shines Through in ‘Nothing Is Dead’

Mona, US vocalist, songwriter, and producer, has re-emerged onto the music scene with a captivating new single titled “Nothing Is Dead”. It dives headfirst into the enigmatic realm of cycles, exploring the perpetual ebb and flow of life, the seasons, and the intricate balance between birth, death, and rebirth. With lyrical finesse, Nick Brown, the creative force behind Mona, delves into the realms of ego versus humility, the authenticity of desire versus the perils of solitary obsession, and the delicate equilibrium between healthy competition and toxic jealousy. Yet, in his typical cryptic style, Brown leaves the meaning open to interpretation, suggesting that each listener may find a unique significance in the song’s profound message.

While Nick Brown has ventured into producing and writing for a diverse array of artists across various musical genres, Mona’s core essence remains rooted in their unfiltered and rebellious approach to post-indie rock and roll. Looking forward to 2023/2024, Mona is set to continue their musical journey with more worldwide touring, including a special role in supporting Candlebox on their summer farewell tour in the USA, for which Nick co-wrote and featured on their last album.

In a world where musical landscapes are ever-evolving, Mona’s “Nothing Is Dead” is a resounding testament to the enduring power of artistic expression and the profound impact it can have in our lives. To further embody the song’s themes, Mona recently released a music video.

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