Lilise’s Debut Masterpiece: Unraveling the Magic of ‘Sweeter Than Poison’

While Lilise enters the UK pop scene, the enchanting echoes of her debut single, ‘Sweeter Than Poison’, resonate in the hearts of music enthusiasts. Released on September 22nd, 2023, this songstress has swept us off our feet, offering a glimpse into a promising musical journey that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Lilise, a prodigious artist hailing from the UK, is not your typical newcomer to the music scene. While most aspiring artists might find themselves overwhelmed by the prospect of breaking into the industry, Lilise has managed to record her debut self-titled EP while simultaneously navigating the rigors of A-Level studies.

Yet, Lilise’s journey doesn’t stop there. With aspirations of studying clinical psychology at university, she embodies the essence of a multifaceted talent who doesn’t conform to stereotypes. Her music serves as a medium to channel her emotions, thoughts, and experiences, offering listeners an authentic and heartfelt narrative.

In her debut music video for ‘Sweeter Than Poison’, Lilise introduces herself to the world with captivating grace. Dressed in an opulent ball gown juxtaposed with Doc Martens and fishnet stockings, she exudes a captivating blend of elegance and rebellion. It’s a visual representation of the duality that defines her music – the juxtaposition of beauty and darkness, sweetness and poison. It perfectly embodies the song’s story which is about an ex-wife who gets revenge on her ex-husband at a masquerade ball. The inspiration behind this song comes from many places: firstly the artist wanted to create something with a similar feel to ‘Better Than Revenge’ by Taylor Swift, as well as encapsulating Lilise’s interest in murder mystery novels, of which she has read many over the years.

‘Sweeter Than Poison’ is a musical gem that transcends genres. It nestles comfortably in the acoustic pop realm while weaving in hints of folk and Americana – her signature sound. The delicate interplay between guitar sounds, coupled with a subtle yet compelling rhythm section, lays the foundation for Lilise’s angelic vocals to shine. Each note is a brushstroke on a canvas, crafting a sonic masterpiece that leaves listeners spellbound.

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