“Land Of Mine”: the new album that saves hip-hop, by H3TheArtist

Believe us, we invite you into the project that will save hip-hop music this season, and this is thanks to H3TheArtist, real name Steven Scott, and his latest album “Land Of Mine”.

The rapper who has music in his skin since a young age showcases his unlimited talent and power through this epic opus, the definition of Art.

H3TheArtist’s signature offers classic and authentic rap bar with a relatable lyrical content, but also a creativity within the instrumtals. Going from trap to soulful beats, and even vanguard sonorities, “Land Of Mine” is a real journey through Hip-Hop music. 

Above all, the opus delivers an innovative sense of rap and a futuristic approach that showcases his talent and unique vision. 

The appealing “Land Of Mine” fits the current hip-hop sound and beyond. We can wait to see H3TheArtist triple his success in the next few months:

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