Kjass lets you into her beautiful and melodic world in her new release Bleed’n Blend

Bleed’n blend is like an all encompassing hug coming at the time when we most need it. The song’s about sympathy, support and love. 

No matter how difficult things we go through there’s always someone out there that understands us and can support us through it. 

Kjass is the artist name of Fanney Kristjáns who lives in Akureyri in Iceland. 
She writes and sings the song and the musician Daníel Starrason who’s also an accomplished photographer accompanies her with his smooth guitar playing in this acoustic pop version of “Bleed’ n Blend”. 

“Bleed’ n Blend” the whole album will be released the 12th of August and there you’ll be able to hear the main version of this same song as well as some other catchy tunes Kjass is excited to share with you! 

“Everyone loves this song. I’ve performed it at concerts since 2015 and I keep getting questions from the audience about when it will be released. 
I met Daníel around the same time and it’s been an ongoing joke between the two of us that, when it will be released the two of us will be so rich’’ 
Actually that would not be bad as we’re expecting our first child in November” says Fanney with her cheeky smile. 

The smooth and mesmerizing vocals in this song carry you to a dream land that every soul can rest in and recharge just by listening. 

Listen to her soft pop release Bleed’n Blend (Acoustic) here:

The couple performs the song together live: 

Witness her greatness unfold by following her on social media and be the first one to be notified when her album drops the 12th of August:

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