Into the heart of Shannon Burchett’s music

Shannon Burchett is the one who caught our attention today. We already knew him thanks to his successful covers on YouTube, and his single “Do You Know”; and today, we are rediscovering the artist with “Nirvana” and “Alright”, from the splendid album “Lucky”.

We have the pleasure to listen to his fabulous guitars, his delightful keyboards and above all, his unique and recognizable voice through these two beautiful songs that will immerse your ears into the heart of a sincere music, rocked by healing melodies.

Between pop and soft-rock, it’s the kind of songs that offers a real musical universe with a signature that makes you escape. The arrangements send you into a cloud of unexpected sensations, and Shannon Burchett has this gift of taking us into a melancholic sweetness. It’s inspiring, and Shannon Burchett’s imposes itself in the best way.

Without further ado, dive into an ocean of splendid sounds that will send you to ‘Nirvana’, you will make you feel ‘Alright’:

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