Harmony in the Hills: Shane Rennison’s Journey from Nature’s Embrace to Live EP Brilliance

Singer-songwriter Shane Rennison has set the indie pop and pop-rock scene ablaze with the release of his latest EP, “Live at the Outlier Inn”. Recorded in May 2023 at the prestigious Outlier Inn Studio in Mountaindale, NY, the live performances capture Rennison’s evolution from a solo artist to a dynamic force, backed by a talented band.

Growing up in the Catskills, Rennison draws inspiration from the region’s natural beauty and tranquility. The EP, a follow-up to his well-received “Nice To Meet You” release, features live renditions of tracks such as “Closer”, “Ghost”, and “Drunk”.

The decision to record a live EP stemmed from Rennison’s desire to challenge himself by playing with a full band. The Outlier Inn, chosen for its stunning ambiance, contributed to the dynamic energy of the project. More than just music, this EP offers an immersive visual and auditory experience for fans as the live recordings were filmed with the help of a skilled video team.

As Rennison embraces the full band setting, he hints at upcoming plans for new recordings with the band, using songs from his eagerly anticipated debut album set for an early 2024 release. With an already impressive roster of live performances, Rennison’s musical journey is gaining momentum, promising exciting moments for fans and the broader music community.

Upcoming live dates

12/27: Windham Private Club 2pm-5pm

1/13: Pizza E Birra 6pm-9pm

1/20: Windham Private Club 6pm-9pm

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