Gintsugi’s new album – a journey through sound and emotion

France-based artist GINTSUGI has carved her unique path in the music scene, transcending conventional boundaries as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.
Gintsugi’s introduction to the music world began with her first EP, produced in collaboration with Victor Van Vugt, known for his work with artists like Nick Cave and Beth Orton. This laid the foundation for her distinctive sound. Further shaping her sonic identity, she brought on Yoad Nevo, renowned for his mixing work with artists such as SIA and AIR, to add his artistic touch to the single ‘OUTSIDE.’

Her artistic journey has taken her from the intimacy of her studio to stages in Italy, France, Switzerland, and Germany. Each live performance becomes a transformative experience, showcasing her ability to capture raw emotions in every note.

Her new album, ‘The Elephant In The Room’, is an immersive exploration of the human psyche, delving deep into the depths of emotions and human experiences. With each lyric, melody, and note, the artist encourages listeners to embrace their imperfections, transforming vulnerability into strength. Born out of personal and global crises, ‘The Elephant In The Room’ is an art-pop odyssey.

Gintsugi created this cinematic album using a native sound library, a Moog, a computer, and the violin of collaborator Eymeric Anselem. Her ethereal choral vocals, coupled with rich post-rock orchestral melodies, lend a captivating and otherworldly quality to the album. Delicate keys and soft harps offer hopeful visions, while the droning percussion adds an industrial undercurrent.

GINTSUGI’s ‘The Elephant In The Room’ promises to be a profound and introspective musical journey, a representation of her unique talent and vision