From earth to the seventh heaven with BIANCA TAÑEGA’s musical jewel: ‘GODSENT’

With her perceptive lyrics and melodically soothing voice, new local artist Bianca Tañega perfectly captures what it’s like being lovestruck in a relationship that feels too good to be true in her debut single ‘Godsent’. The song depicts a charming playfulness between a couple as the lyrics show Tañega’s persona innocently poking fun at her partner for being head-over-heels for her while simultaneously admitting that she feels the same for him.

Influenced by many female Pop and R&B artists like Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, and NIKI; Tañega was able to craft her sound and tastefully blend sweet with sultry in her introductory track. The production for the song was done by her good friend and Vegas-based producer innerbloomboi. In the song’s earliest stages of creation, she sent him a raw voice note without any instrumental accompaniment. However, “he managed to produce the track within just a couple hours, he got the vibe and the femininity that I envisioned for it perfectly,” says Tañega.

Despite singing from her perspective, Tañega says she ironically still has yet to experience a relationship like the one being described by the song. She wrote ‘Godsent’ earlier this year in January while drawing inspiration from imagining what a relationship with her celebrity crush would be like, a process she describes as “funny and unusual but effective.”

Bianca Tañega has more projects currently in the works, and listeners can expect more music from her within the next coming months.

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