Flower in Bloom announces the release of her highly anticipated “Growing Pains”

Flower in Bloom is our best discovery of the day, and at the redaction, we even wonder why we did not know her before.

The artist who has had music in her blood since a young age is a true revelation and proves that real music is not dead. She has announced a new release for September the 30th named “Growing Pains”, an amazing piece of art that we can’t wait for you to discover.

Her incredible soulful and powerful voice is sure to mark a large audience and stand out thanks to her recognizable tone. Worthy of the greatest, the production and the arrangements give us an old-school touch, with the soul, RNB tinted recipe.

Authentic and musically splendid, “Growing Pains” sounds like a healing song, the one that gives you a load of emotion, as well as beautiful sensations: this, is the definition of music in all its glory, and it’s going to be out on September the 30th, with Estabrook Road Record.



“ ‘Growing Pains’ was really therapeutic to write. I really enjoyed the symbolism behind some of the words. When I sing it and when I was writing it, I really could picture it vividly. It also really encompasses where I am in life right now. Sometimes I look at my son like “damn lil homie, I’m really the adult in this situation. Like I have to make big decisions all the time now. Being an adult is cool, but also there’s a piece of me that will always enjoy the idea of not having real responsibilities. Growing up is bittersweet.” Flower in Bloom.

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