Finding inspiration in Seoul with Minoo

Our top artist of the day is a multinational painter Minoo. She delivers through her art a magnificent and unique artistic journey.

Having travelled to Seoul to soak in the beautiful blend of tradition and modern architecture, from tall-high rises to the well-preserved palaces of the metropole, Minoo explores through her inspiration and imagination.

Her artwork combines new colours she discovered thanks to the Korean culture and local people, with an incomparable creative process filled with unexpected patterns.

Minoo’s artistic vision continues to grow and to spread around the world, to offer real art and unworldly imagination.

Explore Minoo’s work on Instagram: @minoo_artwork.

Minoo’s Artwork :

Minoo is a multicultural artist who specializes in painting with gold, oils, and China ink. In her art studio, Minoo loves to take her newfound inspirations and use them as fuel to explore different techniques. Colors and golds may be the base of her passions, but she is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and try new ways to combine different colors, materials, or techniques.

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