Exploring Whammyboy’s Debut EP “SPACE POP VOL. 1”

Noah Johansen, better known as Whammyboy, is taking the music scene by storm with his debut EP, “SPACE POP VOL. 1” This Norwegian artist and producer has been steadily rising in the indie-electronic music scene, capturing hearts both at home and abroad.

Whammyboy’s journey began with a bang when he was named “Månedens Urørt” (Untouched Artist of the Month) by NRK P3 in Norway. Since then, his musical evolution has been nothing short of remarkable. He reached the finals in Urørtfinalen in 2021, laying the foundation for a promising career.

What sets Whammyboy apart is his unique blend of EDM and indie pop, which he playfully dubs “Space Pop”. This genre gives him the freedom to craft music that resonates with both his introverted personality and the desire to create extroverted, energetic tunes. His music is a cosmic journey filled with echoes and reverbs, evoking a sense of otherworldly charm.

“SPACE POP VOL. 1” is a collection of five tracks that showcase Whammyboy’s musical evolution over the past two years. Each song is a window into his thoughts and experiences, often revolving around themes of love and relationships. From the danceable “Ocean” to the euphoric “Goosebumps”, the EP invites listeners into a world of emotions and sensations.

Whammyboy’s ability to create both introspective music in the studio and electrifying live performances is a testament to his artistry. While he may feel most comfortable crafting music behind the scenes, his live shows are a spectacle to behold. With lasers and a promise of dancing, his performances are as captivating as his music.

Listen to the EP: