Experience of Shooting Party Bus: Carlos Berber

Party Bus is a Thriller Horror film about the protagonist’s estranged brother hijacking a bachelor party. The plot is around accountability and situational greed. We look at the surface of many complex events that most, if not all, people can connect to. What I most hope for is that the audience enjoys viewing a film with such a distinct personality.

Carlos Berber, the director of this new upcoming movie, thought that the most difficult aspect of shooting Party Bus had a set that would occasionally rise and fall. The entire film was shot on location on the bus. Still, the owner was untrained in production and the exacting needs of feature film production. They had a rigid nightly routine of 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. The owner of the bus occasionally experienced scheduling issues, and the bus would occasionally arrive late. Shooting on a bus is tricky, and there were other logistical issues to contend with. A small room with massive camera setups made it tough to relocate cameras and forced inventiveness in angles and shooting methods. Lighting was also difficult, but they got it done, and the entire Cast and Crew performed admirably under the conditions.

Berber believed that despite production problems, the entire group provided excellent talents and a positive spirit. They truly made the process easier and more enjoyable. The team had Covid by the third day of shooting, leaving only the director, his wife Jasmine Berber, who also plays two roles in the film, and the sound guy Ignacio Fimbres to manage the entire 21-day shoot.

Shooting a horror film was amusing to him. They usually find him giggling when he is directing a scene meant to be frightening, scary, or unpleasant. However, he is aware that it might be difficult for performers if they are in the moment. Making a horror film is an unusual experience. You are fully aware of how things are structured, which removes the scariness. Still, you also believe that the audience will find it frightening. Then it’s up to your sensibility or taste to decide if it’s frightening or not.

However, he believed that determining the optimal combination for a good film was the most difficult challenge. This does not have a foolproof method or formula, and it will always be difficult to determine, so a risk must be taken. The correct combination of all of these aspects makes movies intriguing, and people will flock to see them regularly. When viewing a movie, be a detective and be analytical. Otherwise, you will miss a lot because a lot goes into it, and you can see if it is in the appropriate combination.


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