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Enter the poetic world of “HEARTECLIPSE” by Maria Karakusheva

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She is a talented artist with gold fingers, among the list of rare an real outstanding musicians: let us introduce you to the incredible contemporary classical pianist & composer Maria Karakusheva.

The pianist who discovered her passion at a young age has released her debut alum “Hearteclipse”, a blessing for our soul. From “Blue Moon” to “Solaris”, the opus delivers a poetic and timeless musical world.

Maria Karakusheva invites the audience into a roller coaster of emotion, with her classical technique, blended with a modern twist. More than music, our pianist knows how to craft real musical experiences. This is the definition of art, a celebration of music in all its glory.

Dive into the experience right now:

“We all have our points of balance and it’s our own mission in life to get to know them and use them as we should. Only then we become ourselves. Lagrange points is a composition based on who I am, what I can and should be. Music, family, love, the stage – these are the things that shape me. Lagrange Points is the second piece from my first contemporary classical solo album for piano and string orchestra – Hearteclipse. Listen now!”

–Illustration picture credit: Peter Jitenski, creative director. Louis Mack, Photographer.–

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