Enrose Unleashes New Rock Single “My Happiness”

Alternative rock enthusiasts, rejoice! Enrose, the New York quintet led by the talented saxophonist and singer Gabi Rose, is back with a new track: “My Happiness”. This single embodies the raw energy of alternative rock while bringing a touch of soul and pop-rock.

With its catchy melodies, profound lyrics, and bold composition, “My Happiness” is more than just a song. It encourages everyone to take control of their happiness and to assume responsibility for their own lives. Gabi Rose, alongside her talented cohorts Kit Benz, Jake Navarro, Valerio Fluido, and Nick Cabrera, delivers a captivating performance that evokes the spirit of friend gatherings and intimate concerts.

In this single, Gabi addresses herself, questioning her own choices and decisions. The lyrics resonate with unsettling sincerity, expressing the desire to take charge of one’s life and to find happiness even in the darkest moments. “My Happiness” is an anthem to self-determination and inner freedom.

With its eclectic blend of genres and deeply personal message, “My Happiness” is poised to touch the hearts of listeners. This single is all about authenticity, bravery, and the pursuit of inner happiness. Don’t miss out on this ode to life and freedom with Enrose.